FLEXOR and EXTENSOR stretching benches come from careful research with the intent to provide the user of any level, a valid and functional support for the practice of flexibility exercises.

/ Stretching

Analytic and global stretching

In its traditional version derived from yoga techniques, stretching taught by Bob Anderson included analytic workout, muscle my muscle. One soon realised, however, that - since our muscles are organised and connected both functionally and physically in kinetic chains, singularly stretching a muscle of the chain produced a shortening of the offset in the contiguous musculature, therefore neutralising the result. Global stretching includes this concept, stretching the kinetic chains wholly.

The techniques

They are divided into dynamic and static techniques.
Dynamic or ballistic stretching, activating the neuro muscular spindles, preps for muscular workout. Obviously it must be carried out after an appropriate warm up.
Static stretching - which must be avoided in the pre-exercise warm up phase - exactly because it relaxes the muscles, can be carried out in passive mode (by taking advantage of gravity or with the help of a mate) or in active mode, thanks to the contraction of the antagonist muscles.

The methods

Educatonal Kit: Complete user guide + video

Stretching is a technique which, through reflex mechanisms, improves muscular elasticity and extensibility for the advantages of greater articular mobility and flexibility.

Reflex movement - which are therefore independent from will - are transmitted directly by the spinal cord to the muscle, bypassing the brain, which will only record the event at another time. It is in fact a “lifesaver” system with immediate action, because in extreme cases “thinking” of the motor response in front of danger, may mean succumbing to it. Two different interoceptors preside over reflex movement, the Muscle Spindles which activate contraction and the Golgi Organs which determine muscle release. Static stretching of at least 10 - 20 seconds activate the Golgi Organs, while sudden, abrupt stretching stimulates the spindles.




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